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I got really angry last night because I remembered Garden State and it just happened again so I’m ready to flip shit




When the sprawling Randall Park Mall opened near Cleveland in 1976, it was briefly the largest mall in the world, and developers touted it as a symbol of the good life in suburbia. The small town where it was located added two shopping bags to its municipal seal in homage. This year, after decades of decline, it’s being torn down.

Photographer Seph Lawless documented the abandoned mall, along with another nearby shopping center also scheduled for demolition, in a new book called Black Friday. Via. 


I miss these two a lot today/lately/always

We miss you, too, dude.


I miss these two a lot today/lately/always

We miss you, too, dude.



By nearly any account, you could say 2013 was difficult, but pride mixed with neverending resolve to look on the bright side kept me moving forward. I think it’s time, for me to reflect, and also celebrate. One year ago today, I got the news from my doctor after countless scans, blood draws, surgery and radioactive treatment, that I was officially cancer-free.

At times, it felt like I lost nearly everything I loved last year, between health struggles, having to find somewhere to live in the middle of treatment, being too sick to work, among other things. It all sort of changed at once. I lost all sense of normalcy and stability and familiarity, even with myself. Everything was new. I tried to piece back together a life blown apart by illness and failure. I have fought so hard for every single thing that I have today. And I succeeded. While I was housebound recovering, I made several promises to myself and it feels amazing to say that I’ve kept them all - I have a job in a field I love, I’ve done a ton of traveling and riding, and I haven’t let being sick be an excuse.

The most important promise I’ve kept, though, is my promise to help anyone who’s been sick, and to not stay quiet about what it’s to be someone who is ill. Sometimes I felt so lonely while I was recovering, I would re-read all the cards people sent me (I still have every one and re-read them this week.). I never wanted anyone to feel that way if I could help.  So I decided to write. And talk. I saw a mental fork in the road about how I’d handle everything - I could be the silent, strong type about it all, or I could tell whoever was interested about what was going on. If sharing what I’ve gone through has made one person feel less alone, or suffer less, it’s been worth it all.

Here’s to the first year, and many more.





March 2014:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade!
  • First Friday Art Walk!